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Often, when entrepreneurs are trying to enter the international market, a company in one country may not be enough. The main reasons for that are heavy tax burdens, excessive regulation of entrepreneurial activity, the bad reputation of some countries, as well as other factors that may cause the necessity to register a foreign company.

Registration of a foreign company may solve all these difficulties. A business owner may get an opportunity to conduct international business, enjoy banking services, attract investments, and enjoy some tax benefits (it depends on legal structuring of a business).

The most attractive terms for business may provide territories with low taxation (so-called “offshores”). Using offshores may give you an opportunity to reduce tax burden substantially, guarantee the confidentiality of your information and protection from unlawful actions of third parties (public authorities, competitors and so on).

Registration of a foreign company may be useful for any entrepreneur regardless of a type of business activity.

Despite substantial efforts of big countries to fight against low tax territories, there are still many legal possibilities to minimize your tax burden, to protect your assets and confidentiality.

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