Assets protection

The rights to freely possess, use and dispose of the property was, is and will be one of the inalienable human rights.

However, despite the existing legislation, in real life, we often face with unlawful actions directed against the property. In that case, it is crucial to have a reliable and honest lawyer who can help you to protect the assets.

Assets protection is a complex of action directed towards establishing security for your property when a third party cannot take your assets away.

You may be wondering: whom do I have to protect assets from?

First of all, we are talking about a state which using its fiscal authorities (which may be corrupted and unfair) trying to take your assets away and sometimes do not care about legal requirements.

Also, assets need to be protected from counterparties in commercial transactions. It is really important to separate your assets (personal and business). In that case, it will be more difficult for your counterparties to take your assets away.

Sometimes business partners do not want to share profits with their other partners (especially, if the profits are large), so they may try to manipulate with your shares in a business.

Doing business is always related to confidential information, and leaking of this information may not only damage your business reputation but also endanger the entire business assets.  

There are also risks that civil plaintiffs; raiders; racketeers; blackmailers may try to take a part of your assets away.

We have a considerable experience in protection of assets of our clients, and we can offer you the best instruments that many wealthy individuals have been using for tens and hundreds of years to secure their assets.

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We will be happy to develop the most suitable scheme for the protection of your assets.